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         c/o Lima Technology Center, Lipa and Malvar, Malvar, Batangas
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About 200 of some 1,200 of its parts are purchased from local auto parts suppliers like Aichi Forging Co., Fujitsu Ten Corp., Jeco Autoparts Phils., EDS Manufacturing Inc. and Koyo ...   more


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Koyo Manufacturing Phils., Corp. - Lima, Tech, Malvar, Batangas. 8. Daikoku Electronics Phils., Inc. - Brgy. Diezmo, Cabuyao, Laguna. 9. Ford Motor Phils., Inc.   more

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A.Tung Chingco Manufacturing Corp. 20: 14. DXN Philippines: 18: 15. Philippine Prosperity Chemicals ... Simply fill in the e-mail address of the person(s) you wish to tell about Koyo ...   more

Tokyo Aerospace 2000

Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Japan OH-1's grips. For cyclic stick, collective pitch lever ... Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd., Japan Ball-Bearing for TS-1 turboshaft engine Ball-Bearing ...   more


1984年2月アメリカに GM と合弁で NUMMI (New United Motor Manufacturing. Inc=50:50、生産と販売 =カリフォルニア州 ...   more

KOYO MANUFACTURINGc/o Lima Technology Center, Lipa and MalvarMalvarBatangas043 9814089